Technical consultancies from the Packaging Development Centre


Consultancies / training are offered in the following areas:

  1. 1. Training programmes on basic packaging technology for the SME Sector

2. Advanced courses in packaging technology for the managerial cadres of packaging and allied Industries

  1. 3. In house training programmes on quality management, productivity enhancement, SQC techniques..

4. In-house training programmes on product specific packaging

      • Food packaging
      • Packaging of Floricultural / Horticultural products
      • Packaging of Pharmaceuticals etc.,


  1. 5. Theoretical aspects in
      • Flexible packaging
      • Corrugated packaging
      • Polymer / plastics technology

6. Tailor made packaging courses to suit industry requirements

Training programmes explained


  1. 1. Training programs on basic packaging technology for the SME Sector

This programme will create awareness among small / medium and micro sector producers on:

    • How to make their products with reduced wastages and with higher quality, productivity and profitability.
    • Selection of best product specific packaging materials for product protection, quality conservation, market capture & value addition
    • Selection of cost effective packaging options
    • Selection of suitable packaging machinery required, their operations and ways of easy procurement
    • Ways of developing better package designs for brand recognition
    • Development of eco friendly packaging options and possible use of indigenous materials.


  1. 2. Advanced courses in packaging technology for the managerial cadres of packaging and allied Industries

To educate the industry Managers on the development of different packaging combinations with available materials, aimed at:

    • Reducing cost
    • Enhancing the shelf life of products
    • Reducing product/packaging wastage
    • Developing graphic designs for better market penetration and product branding.
    • Improving  of supervisory skills in controlling all packaging / printing operations for better productivity, profitability and quality
    • Training  the managerial caders on how to use process and quality technologies to enhance the efficiency of converting operations; there by enhancing thereliability of
      company output


  1. 3. In house training programmes on quality management, productivity enhancement, SQC techniques etc.

a) Quality / productivity:

   To train people to train on SQC techniques that would qualify them to identify / select good quality raw materials.

   To judge the stability of the converting / printing processes and to assess the reliability of the factory out put in arresting wastage.

b) To measure the efficiency or otherwise of the converting machinery and  to control waste arising out of machinery.

c)To monitor the efficiency of people working on the floor and ways of motivating them.

  1. 4. In house programs on product specific packaging:


    • Food Packaging

Factors affecting the quality of food :
Oxygen, moisture, microorganisms, physical hazards and ways of minimizing their effects on product quality.

Packaging materials available and their merits

Paper / paperboard
Plastics etc.

Mechanisms by which these packaging materials retain quality of products

Product manufacturing process controls that retain the quality of food

Suitability or otherwise of each packaging material on a given product (product / package compatibility)

Calculation of product shelf life with respect to each packaging combination

How do these packaging materials offend the environmental safe?
And how to minimize environmental effects

Selection of low cost packaging combinations that could  enhance the appearance of the pack for market capture.


    • Packaging of floricultural / horticultural produce
  • Harvesting methods
  • Cleaning / cooling / sorting / grading of products
  • Chemicals used in various stages
  • Mechanical / physical and chemical stress that reduce the quality of produce

Adaptation to distribution networks
Adaptation to markets
Adaptation to transport modes

  • Product identification and presentation
  • Packaging systems available for reduced product  wastage due to stresses
  • Regulations of importing countries


  • Packaging of Pharmaceuticals etc.
  • Factors affecting the quality of pharmaceuticals
  • Packaging options available to arrest the effect of these factors.
  • Cost effective packaging options
  • Different packaging systems / methods available
  • Package suitability on the physical state of the pharmaceutical product



  1. 5. Theoretical aspects


    • Flexible Packaging

Packaging technologist will get an in-depth knowledge on physical, mechanical, chemical properties of  packaging material and their behavior.

  • Determination of barrier properties of each packaging combination
  • Testing of packaging materials for reliability
  • How to design and develop flexible combinations


  • Corrugated packaging; for the packaging technologist.


  • Raw materials and their characteristics
  • Controlling the conversion process
  • Testing to monitor quality / reliability of finished packaging
  • Calculation of strength characteristics
    • Burst
    • Tensile
    • Compression etc. of finished packages and components
  • Package defects and ways of identifying and minimizing them
  •  Package certification


  • Polymer / plastic technology – for packaging technologist


  • Identification, manufacture synthesis &  processing of polymers
  • Physical, chemical and rheologicl properties
  • Testing of polymers
  • Using polymers in packaging: merits / demerits
  • Environmental regulations
  • Client is given freedom to indicate his needs


All the services are offered by the only “total packaging solution provider” in Sri lanka viz the packaging industry.  Since its services are augmented wherever necessary with the input from overseas packaging institution they remain unmatched in enhancing the productivity and competitiveness of any packaging operations carried out in any user of packaging here  

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