The Sri Lankan Packaging industry has risen up to the exacting demands of the country’s packaging  industry, that its output now matches up to any imported packaging material, in respect of quality.  All manufacturing industries do recognize packaging as an important cross cutting issue in any product development endeavor.  Goods manufactured here could now reach distant local and international market places with unblemished quality, due to high quality, local packaging being developed.

Be it Tea, Garment or any other product, almost all exports from Sri Lanka  are packed in packaging material produced in the country.

Growth of the Sri Lankan packaging industry over the past two decades have been phenomenal and the value of its output now represents 3 to 5 percent of the country’s GDP.  Local packaging developers gain regional and international accolades every year for the creativity of their designs. The prestigious Asia Stars and World Stars won by them every year exemplify the originality of their package designs.  The glamorous local event – ‘The Lanka Star Awards’ scheme organized by the Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging acts as the precursor to all such regional and international packaging evaluation exercises on Sri Lankan Packaging.

The Sri Lanka Institute Of Packaging   was Inaugurated In February 1975 with the assistance of the Export Promotion Secretariat. The formation of this Institute was a result of a mission carried out In March 1974 by the ITC  functional adviser on Export Packaging, Mr. Johan Selin.

The Institute of Packaging  Is an Association of Private and Public Sector Enterprises from Manufacturers, Converters, Dealers & users of Packaging  and is considered to be the first of its kind in a developing country.

The Membership of the Institute consists of Corporate Members & Corporate Life Members

The Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging is an association of public & private sector enterprises founded in 1975 to promote, develop and safeguard the interests, concerns and the needs of the Packaging industry in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging has played a pivotal role in creating a nation-wide awareness of the key importance of packaging, both for exports as well as in everyday life, it has brought members of the packaging community, including

consumers, together to share and promote common interests. It has helped to keep its members abreast of rapidly changing trends in the packaging world.

We are members of the Asian Packaging Federation and the World Packaging Organisation and are very proud to state that our members have won several Asia and World awards for excellence in Packaging during the last three decades representing Sri Lanka in Packaging competitions world wide

Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging started its own Packaging Exhibition called LANKA PACK IN 1983  at the BMICH COLOMBO. This has been a biennial event in their calendar of events and from 2000 it became an annual affair.

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