This year too we are conducting the LANKA STAR contest for excellence in Packaging and please find enclosed an information sheet and an application form for LANKA STAR 2015 Awards contest to be held in August  2015

Those who are interested in forwarding their entries are requested to do so as per the following conditions:

  • For each entry two sample packages, plus the completed entry form.
  • One  CD of the entry
  • Please give in English in less than 130 words a description of your entry “as to why your entry should receive a LANKA STAR (Please see judging criteria – annexure)



SLIP Members                         : Rs. 12,500.00 for the first entry and Rs. 5000.00 for each additional entry

NON Members                        : Rs. 15,000.00 for the first entry and Rs. 5000.00 each for additional entry
Payment                                   : By cheque  drawn in  favour of SRI LANKA INSTITUTE OF PACKAGING

Dead Line                                : Completed entry documents plus the entries should reach the SRI LANKA INSTITUTE OF PACKAGING Office, 290 D.R. Wijewardene Mawatha, Colombo 10 on or before 10th August 2015

For further information please contact Mr. James Joseph, Manager Administration, Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging, 290 D.R. Wijewardene Mawtha, Colombo 10. Phone 4734351, 5661410. email


Judging Criteria   LANKASTAR 2015



Judging Criterion                             

Sub factor

1. Innovation

• New structural Design
• Adaptation to suit local condition
• Use of new packaging material /combination
• Enhancement of  product properties through package
• Replacement of exiting packaging forms


2. Functionality / Convenience   • Reliability
• Ease of dispending
• Protection
 • Convenience
3. Graphic appeal

• Colour combination
• Illustrations                               
• Text for communication
• Quality for printing
• Cultural identity

4. Appropriateness /   efficiency

• Cost effectiveness
• Competitiveness
• Suitability for transport
• Product / Package compatibility
• Pack Volume / weight

5. Environmental performance

• Recyclability
• Re usability
• Bio degradability
• Energy consumption
• Effect of incineration on the environment


6. Overall Impression





  • The “LANKA STAR ’15  AWARDS” have been instituted by the Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging  are aimed at stimulating interest in improving packaging, standards, in Sri Lanka and recognize them in  Asia & in the World,  and reward for the best Packages.
  • To recognize Packages that have created innovative and enhanced value addition. 
  • To recognize the Excellence achieved by the Packaging businesses.

Entries for LANKA STAR will be judged for their all round fitness, the purpose for which they have been designed, and special features which may make them worthy of the accolade for packaging in Sri Lanka.  Success in securing a LANKA STAR AWARD qualifies the recipient, upon settlement of the appropriate fee to participate in ASIA STAR and WORLD STAR contests.


  1. All sample entries should have been manufactured in Sri Lanka.  No package which has been entered for any previous LANKA STAR competition will be considered.
  2. A “certificate of Authority” has to be submitted from the product manufacturers,  by the Company submitting the entry/ies.
  3. Entries for student category should be forwarded along with the application signed by the head of the Institution.

Two categories of awards are proposed. They are;

  • 1.  Transport Containers – such containers must be for the transportation of a product or for containing a number of consumer packs to be transported and distributed.  Container  volume must not exceed 50 cu.ft (1.415 cu.m)


      • 2.  Consumer Containers – Such containers are for containing and sale of consumer products.

The relevance of each judging criterion differs for consumer and transport packaging e.g. Appropriateness / Efficiency   is more important for Consumer packaging.  Therefore points are weighted according to the package function (table). 
After evaluation ,judges will set a benchmark  score based on average quality of all entries.  Packages having scored above this benchmark are awarded a LANKA STAR Trophy


All packages are judged strictly on a weighed-point basis.  The six judging criteria (table below) are individually assessed for each package.

Credit points range from

Excellent    - 4
Very Good  - 3
Good           - 2
Average      - 1


Judging Criteria



Lanka Star






Functionality/ Convenience




Graphics Appeal




Appropriateness Efficiency




Environmental Performance




Overall Impression








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